Halif Great Pride


Папа - Мама

Country Gullivers Absolute Class МСО n

Energy Jump of CaDazz, SK

МСО a 02

Бабушки - Дедушки

CH. Langsteich's Extra Class-Blue
MCO as

CH. Charm Lady Country Gulliver's

Pillowtalk's King Creole MCO a 03



Usambara of Baydar, MCO g 02

Прабабушки - Прадедушки

Langstteich's P'
Wild Blue Hurricane
MCO as

Langstteich's P'
MCO as22

Arctic Black of Perfect Cat
MCO ns 09

Russi Mystic Black
MCO n 03

Treasure Island's Ice Man
MCO ns 09 22

Pillowtalk's Nizza
MCO a 09

Pillowtalk's Laser
MCO d 09

CH*Kyrana vom Maiwinkel
MCO g 09

Прапрабабушки - Прапрадедушки

Langstteich's CC.O' Predicat, MCO as

Langsteich's O' Ultra Star  MCO a

Langstteichs CC.O Predicat, MCO as

Emy Shou Vom Moenchswalder Berg
MCO f22

Electric Light Silvi-Cola*PI of Perfect Cat (PL), MCO ns

Babette Top Coon* PL of Perfect Cat (PL)
MCO f 22

MOSCOW STARS Sir Richard Bassington
MCO n22 03

Denebola Kocurro*PL of Russi Mystic (PL)
MCO n 22

Gigolo v. Maiwinkel
MCO ns 09

Dotcom Minellastorm
MCO fs 22

Dark CoCoon Apache White Socks
MCO n 09

Pillowtalk's Carot
MCO f 09 22

CollMotion's Angel-Sky

CoolMotion's USA
MCO fs 09

Lachtetal's Blueberry
MCO as

EL Eisra vom Maiwinkel
MCO f 09 22